Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bio-engineered Kids?

Designer Baby: refers to a baby whose genetic makeup has been artificially selected by genetic engineering combined with In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to ensure the presence or absence of particular genes or characteristics This is called Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD).
Many of us may wonder what a Designer baby is and better yet what does it do? Well scientifically speaking a designer baby is a fetus which was designed to have particular genes or characteristics. My definition though? It is a new scientific development that is altering natural conception and the human cycle.
Designer babies are done through the process of selecting a child’s genes for medical and cosmetic characteristics. This new scientific development has both its negative and positive impact to humanity. However, it is being used in such a way which I feel is getting out of hand for we cannot change the natural balance of things.

“Genetic screening of human embryos may eventually eradicate inherited diseases ranging from breast cancer to cystic fibrosis.”

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What is exactly good about In Virto Ferilization?
Well for starters, it has been used for saving lives which is definitely good. There are such examples which demonstrate how science can be beneficial for humanity.  IVF can be used to select babies without genetic defect which can help survival of the baby increase as well as the mother. Also, IVF can be used so a baby can be perfectly selected to donate to ensure and sustain the life of another. Since Doctors can scan the embryos for genetic makeup, there is a chance of selecting a healthy baby, which is a very beneficial to families since genetic diseases and certain traits can be discarded of. Therefore, IVF can be seen with a shining light as it can benefit humans medically.

 How is In Virto Fertlization bad?
Well, if it is used for cosmetic reasons, then things are getting out of hand. In today’s world, society brings importance to physical appearance which could be the reason that cosmetic processes are being used to make the ideal child. However, I believe playing with nature in such a way is unethical and immoral. Using science to alter a child’s physical appearance for cosmetic reasons rather than medical reasons is losing value to the gift of life. Life is precious and should be thanked for, however with IVF I feel that life is being taken for granted and loses its values as children are modified- In a way I feel this can be seen as an un-human thing to do. How is it that people can now chose what they want in a child? I think this its very pathetic because at the end the child needs a loving family, environment and to know they are unique and valuable. With IVF, it further shows that acceptance in society is dependant on physical character tics, and not on the person themselves.

So what to do?
Honestly, I feel this is a very technologically advanced technique which can positively affect humanity if used in the right way.
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A step to sustain biodiversity of ecosystems - Greenpeace Canada

Everyone agrees that humanity has impacted the globe negatively, but around the world people are slowly sustaining our ecosystems through organizations and individual works. One organization that helps the ecosystem is Greenpeace Canada. Greenpeace is a non-profitable, global, and non-violent, independent organization that exposes global environmental problems and their causes. Greenpeace challenges the world to negotiate solutions that will better the environment. Greenpeace tries ensuring that Earth can nurture life’s diversity.  Greenpeace tries to protect biodiversity, prevent pollution and abuse, end nuclear threats and promote global peace

History of Greenpeace Canada
In 1971, Greenpeace was created. A group of activists from Vancouver sailed in a fishing boat called Greenpeace to reach Amchitka- a volcanic island that was under danger as United States was to explode a nuclear bomb. The activists concerns were that the diverse species on the island would not survive. They called their ship the Greenpeace because it addressed the two main issues of the time- peace and earth.  Although the island was set off, the reason and voice of these activists had been heard. Nuclear testing ended that year and then started the amazing works of this foundation. Throughout the 1970’s Greenpeace continued to establish and help the environment. There were many campaigns on environmental issues. In 1979, Greenpeace International was formed in Amsterdam. It is now the world’s visible environmental organization.
Greenpeace’s steps to sustain the environment
Greenpeace has helped other organizations and promote green campaigns and ideas. Greenpeace has made the aware the impact of humans by educating, working and pressuring government and businesses to do the right thing. They have worked with many international organizations and campaigns and locally to make a change to the environment and save our bio-diverse ecosystems. They have important campaigns such as climate change, tar sands, nuclear power, boreal forest, great bear, marine fish and  GMO foods campaigns which take a look at current environmental problems and take steps to sustain the environment.
To find out more about Greenpeace campaigns & movements:

So are humans taking steps to sustain biodiversity of our ecosystems
Humans are considered the most invasive species as they impact the environment and living things in an ecosystem. Although humans are seen as the culprits to these changes, they can also be seen in another light. They are definitely taking steps to help sustain the environment. Small or big organizations such as these, works in order to make a change. The fact that humans realize their mistakes and correct them also shows human intervention is being used to positively affect the biodiversity of our ecosystems. Humans know the problems they cause and fix them with their actions. Many organizations prevent misuse of the world and impact humanity, biodiversity and living organisms for the better. Through Greenpeace, humans have demonstrated the great things they can do for the environment, and hopefully these works will continue.

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